Something "Four" Everyone

At Four Fat Cows it's all about flavor.  We start with the best ingredients, to make amazing creamy flavors. We offer unusual and creative flavors ranging from Strawberry Balsamic, Pancakes & Bacon, Peppermint Bark, Gingerbread Man, Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich to Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Overload, & so many more. Our intent is to connect people with authentic flavors by making superior ice cream with creativity at work. We are continuously creating new flavors so stop in today and let our amazing staff help you find your perfect ice cream!

Four Fat Cows


Gluten free

Ice cream and Bakery!!!



At Four Fat Cows we strive to go above and beyond, and our catering offerings are no exception!  We have something extraordinary for your next event, wedding, fundraiser, employee recognition and more!

Create Your Own Ice Cream Flavor

Make Your Own Sundae Bars

Dream Up Your Ice Cream Taco

Brownie/Cupcake/Cookie Decorating Bars

Make Your Own Ice Cream Sandwich

Latte/Cocoa Flavor Bar

The best prices start as low as $6 per person

The Tasteful Experience

Four Fat Cows is not a grab and go ice cream shop. We are a neighborhood gathering place with a fun and inviting atmosphere. Bring your friends, your family, & your dogs for amazing desserts, crazy good ice cream, and really great company.