At Four Fat Cows, we create stunningly creative ice cream with a focus on flavor above gimmicks.

We are passionate about our quality and creativity, but mostly about the joy of customers having the first bite…. And the second…. And the third! Four Fat Cows is not just a place to enjoy ice cream, it’s a place to spend time with those who matter most.

Four Fat Cows also offers a wide variety of GLUTEN FREE

bakery items, as well as cones and most of our ice creams.

Scoops For Schools

Scoops for Schools is a program initiated by Four Fat Cows, to provide ice cream parties to local, elementary schools in our community that would otherwise not be able to have special treats.  SFS is an "in kind" program, meaning every dollar you donate goes directly to providing a sweet treat to the schools!  Four Fat Cows staff donates their time to serve at the events...100% of proceeds go directly to serving our communities.  

You can support Scoops for Schools directly at check-out, in store donation boxes or by purchasing special retail items where a portion of proceeds go back into the program.

Can't make it to a store?  Want to help in a bigger way?  Contact us directly at



Hey everyone, I'm Maggie. I love baking all sorts of things for my friends and family. Baking isn’t always easy, sugar and salt look exactly the same! Practice makes perfect though, so I’m pretty good at it now. Now I bet you're wondering what my favorite ice cream flavor is, right? That’s a hard one, because I have a different favorite flavor almost everyday. Today though, I’m feeling like Birthday Cake. It is the perfect combination of my love for baking and my love for ice cream, so i’m going to stick with that flavor for a bit. Come in and see me! Also give my favorite flavor, Birthday Cake, a try!


Whats up? I’m Ethan. My favorite thing in the world is sports. I’ll watch any kind of sport, I’ve even watched professional bowling. I don’t just like watching sports, I also play too. I love to play them all, football, soccer, baseball, you name it. When it comes to my favorite ice cream flavor, I’m a lot more specific. Chocolate. Overload. Seriously go and try it right now. For real.

Hey, I’m Jake. When I’m not studying, I’m watching movies or editing sound for movies. I also make my own music and hope to tie these two passions together. For my ice cream flavor, there is no better flavor than Caramel Turtle. Come by and see me sometime and find your favorite flavor.


Oh, my shirt? That’s Pi, or 3.141592353589.... Anyway, I’m Lewis. I love math. I also love cooking, which can feel like one big math problem. To be a good cook you have to make precise measurements so you can get the recipe just right. Being able to join these two passions is a dream come true. Ice cream involves precise math too. You have to get the perfect amount of cream and flavor. My favorite flavor is also a complex masterpiece - Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cream. Come meet me and the rest of my siblings and try our favorite flavors. Which one of us has the best taste?