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Commooo-unity Outreach

At Four Fat Cows family and children are number one with us! We have always placed an emphasis on giving what you can. We started with our Scoops for Schools initiative in 2016 and are now broadening that

into our new Commooo-unity Outreach program. We want to support teachers, coaches, churches, doctors,

local programs, etc, at no cost to them, so that they can support the children they are guiding.

Please read the information provided and then apply below to get your program up and running

Testimonials below!


Commooo-unity Outreach

Once you click submit, we will be in touch asap to discuss and get you up and running!

Thanks for submitting!

When I first heard about Four Fat Cows community outreach program, I was a little hesitant about it being a "free" program (let alone free ice cream for the children). However, after Robyn walked me through the details, and we received the free cards for the children - I was pleasantly surprised and excited that it truly is a FREE program!!! Our classroom kids are loving it! Who doesn't love free ice cream?!

Thank you so much to Robyn and the people at Four Fat Cows for creating this initiative, and providing an amazing yummy treat for the children! 

Sam K - Pastor

Thank you and Four Fat Cows for your Community Outreach program.  Offering Free Ice Cream cards to us at no cost so that we can reward our youth for doing well is greatly appreciated.


Our Scouts are very excited to receive your Free Ice Cream cards.  This past week we rewarded Scouts who helped place 60 "Drain to Stream" markers on gutters for the City of Dunwoody.  The markers will hopefully educate citizens and prevent waste from being poured into storm drains and polluting our water sources.  


We also handed them out to our older Scouts as they returned from a high adventure trip in New Mexico.  They had successfully backpacked over 75 miles at up to 10,000 feet in elevation.  They had earned a reward for their accomplishment. Their success required a lot of preparation over the last year.


Thank you again for providing the Free Ice Cream cards so we can both reward and encourage our youth to do well.



Barry D - Scoutmaster

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